• Patient Facilities

    Experience & understand the comfort & facilities from your home before selecting our Hospital for treatment.

  • Cashless Treatments

    Our Hospital has tied up with a lot of internationally acclaimed TPA's & agents.

Heart Care
One of the largest & most advanced cardiac care facility with a team of experienced doctors to treat all cardiac complications.
Bone and Joint Care
A combination of highly experienced and skilled surgeons along with specially created orthopedic operation theaters.
Cancer Care
A team of doctors and therapists combine to provide quality healthcare in Medical, Radiation & Surgical Oncology.
Brain Care
Lifeline Hospital's brain care program offers patients advanced diagnostic and treatment services for a range of complex disorders of the brain.
Cosmetic Surgery
Lifeline Hospital takes a pride in offering facilities rivaling the very best that is available in world class aesthetic care currently.
Wellness Services
A choice of preventive health checkups to suit specific needs; with an aim to promote good health, prevent disease & facilitate early diagnosis.
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